Spring in Burlington Ontario

Spring in Burlington Ontario
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Friday, September 24, 2010

New Virtual Tours

It's been a busy week of photo shoots so I'm a little behind on capturing this event!
What a beautiful day (September 21) for a photo shoot.  I just returned from doing a Virtual Tour Photo shoot with Nicholas of RapidPage.ca at the Waterfront Hotel in Downtown Burlington and the Waterfront Trail Leisure Company Bistro and Bike Rental Shop.   It was a perfect day to do this; the sky was bright and blue, the leaves were starting to change and there was a calm breeze. 
The neat thing about these photo shoots is that once they are posted you can click on the place you want to see, and it is just like standing there and turning around in a circle:  very cool.  The two spots that we were at today were ready for us. The hotel was polished and pretty.  Jason and Dylan at the hotel, were on site to make sure that the Hotel looked its best to show off all the new renovations and updates to this facility.  What I was reminded of right away, was that this is a doggie friendly hotel.  There were many folks coming and going with their dogs to visit the nearby waterfront trail and park. Of course they had their little bags!!
The Riding Room
And Steve, at the Waterfront Trail Leisure Company was just as prepared and excited to see us arrive for the shoot.  He had just received in a 20 bike rental return, was opening the Bistro for breakfast and still managed to have the windows cleaned and sparkling, the many options of bikes all set up and on display inside and outside the shop.  I am still shocked at how many bikes and how many kinds of bikes he as for rental.  He also made sure that they indoor cycling room was ready to go for a large number of people to show up and cycle their way through the Grand Canyon, Portugal, or event Canada’s West Coast!  You should see this screen!  This is my way to cycle and see the world!!  Make sure you get here and check it out!   Tell Steve that the girls at Tourism Burlington sent you!

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