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Spring in Burlington Ontario
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Climber's Rock

This past Monday, I did a site visit to Climber’s Rock to see if the upstairs space would be suitable for our upcoming Annual General meeting.  I met Dave Langill, VP of Sales and he gave me a tour since it was my first visit.  The facility has various walls to climb with harnesses or you can try bouldering which is low to the ground climbing without climbing gear.  They have a mezzanine where you can watch all the climbers and enjoy refreshments.  Also on the second level are a kitchen and a party room with games tables that is used for birthdays and socials. 
What I didn’t realize is that Climber's Rock is one of the largest indoor climbing facilities in Canada. It opened in 2008, and their walls were designed and built using the latest technology in the industry and thousands of people climb there every month! 
Dave told me that experience doesn’t matter, that they have highly trained staff on site to answer questions and teach you how to safely enjoy the sport of indoor rock climbing.  Being March Break it was quite busy with families and youth.  This week from Monday to Friday 10:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. you can drop in and climb. 
On their website, startclimbing.com, there is all kinds of detailed information about climbing, and explaining how you can get started in this sport.  It also lists various instruction options and how to get involved in competitive climbing.  This facility actually hosts a number of climbing competitions and the Tour de Bloc is coming up on April 16 and 17. 
For more information on Climbers Rock visit their website or call (905) 633-7625 or visit Tourism Burlington.


  1. We have some guests visiting from Alberta next month who are coming to this facility for a competition ( I think). I will add their link to our website as it looks like a great addition to the area. Thanks for reporting on this.

    Creekside B&B (Burlington)

  2. Hi Steve,

    That's exciting that Creekside B&B has visitors coming from Alberta in April. We know that you will make Burlington proud with your kind hospitality to all of your guests.

    Tourism Burlington