Spring in Burlington Ontario

Spring in Burlington Ontario
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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Burlington: Butt Stop Edition

This past Sunday, the bikers riding in the Great Waterfront Trail Adventure took a break down at Discovery Landing for the Burlington Butt Stop. The gorgeous view of the waterfront was only complimented by the sea of spandex bike shorts seen on the promenade. These spandex clad men and women refreshed themselves with fruit, water and granola bars; sent post cards home to friends and family; received “crazy”, “wild” and “flirty” gifts; and even got their bikes tuned up by MEC bike technician Elise.
Prior to the rest stop, these athletic bikers were greeted by volunteers and Tourism Burlington staff by the ultimate noise maker… also know as the clapper. Burlington definitely did not disappoint as these clappers served as a wake up call as well a welcoming noise to Burlington.
Overall, the bikers enjoyed their butt break in Burlington and we wish them all the best in the rest of there ride along the Waterfront Trail. Can’t wait to see all of the familiar faces again next year!

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