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Spring in Burlington Ontario
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Monday, May 13, 2013

Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day in Burlington

What can inspire us to cook more?  Can a global day of action give us the boost to head back to our kitchens feeling a little more creative and confident? 

Burlington is hosting a city-wide day of events to mark the global Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day and it’s FREE to anyone and everyone!

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Jamie Oliver is the internationally renowned chef who fascinates us with his cooking shows and impressed us with his determination and creativity as he worked to transform American school cafeterias.  His passion for cooking “from scratch” has stayed strong over the years since his first spotlight on tv when his chums would venture up the stairs to his loft kitchen to help him whip up some delicious morsels.

So what’s he up to now?  In addition to creating an empire dedicated to teaching and giving back to the public, he is launching his second annual global Food Revolution Day on May 17! 

This day isn’t about getting fancy with ingredients and kitchen tools, it’s simply about  celebrating real food, where it comes from and how to cook it. 

Cooking with Kids
As lead volunteer food ambassador for the day, on April 12th I gathered eighteen children ranging in age from 8 to 13 to independently cook 4 recipes to validate that home cooking can be economical, fun and delicious!  An amazing peace settled over the kitchen as this group started slicing, peeling and sautéing up their feast!  We now refer to these recipes as the Burlington “One Meal Together” collection and we’ve shared them with you on our website.

Fresh VegetablesWhether it’s an organic farm tour, a chef-guided tour of inspiration at the farmer’s market, multiple chef-led cooking demos, a teen girl cooking class to boost energy and moral or the online videos from experts showing great ways to make food preparation easy, there is something for everyone on Burlington’s Food Revolution Day.  All of this is made possible because individuals and businesses believed in the Food Revolution message of keeping cooking skills alive by sharing knowledge and generously donated their expertise and resources.

Visit our Burlington website, get registered for the event(s) you’d love to attend and feel free to contact me with any questions!     

My email and phone number:  sue@treadpowerfully, 905-580-9777
Twitter: @FoodRevBurl
Facebook: Food Revolution Day, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
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Sue Abell, Guest Blogger

Sue Abell is a mom, wife, personal trainer, fitness instructor and owner of a fitness and health organisation in Burlington.  Although she had launched several challenges in her group over the years, she saw that the Food Revolution was an opportunity for passionate foodies in her community to unite and create even bigger change.  After healing herself in 2009 from a painful stomach condition under the direction of Laurie Burrows, a friend and holistic nutritionist, Sue fell passionately in love with chopping and creating “real food”.  Although Laurie passed in 2012 their quest continues even stronger to inspire others to take back control of their daily health, happiness and joy of life by simply...cooking.  It’s a Food Revolution...thank you Jamie Oliver for this day!

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