Spring in Burlington Ontario

Spring in Burlington Ontario
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beautiful City!

Todd from Blimp Pics just dropped off a disk of photos of Burlington’s Waterfront! WOW! What a beautiful City Burlington is. Spencer Smith Park looks like a green manicured garden, the Burlington Downtown’s Discovery Landing looks stately and impressive and the lake Ontario looks like those tropical destinations that call you in and that you dream about!
Todd takes these pictures every couple of years at the park as the Burlington Waterfront matures and somehow he always manages to take even better pictures than the year before!  
Blimp Pics is, as you guessed, a mini blimp that is equipped with a camera that Todd controls with a remote. He had to wait for the perfect day – with blue sky and green grass and little to no waves on the lake.  This year we wanted a fall view.  Other than Burlington locals worried that there was a man hanging from the blimp over the water and be worried enough about him to call the police down to check it out. All has went very well from the photos that have landed on my desk.
Thanks again Todd – as always they are well worth the wait!  I can’t wait to use these photos and share them with you.

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  1. i agree they are great pictures. is there a chance at getting high res copies of them?

  2. You can contact us at media@tourismburlington.com to inquire about photos