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Spring in Burlington Ontario
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Monday, October 25, 2010

City Parent’s Family Day at RBG

It was a dreary looking Sunday and weather forecast did not promise things to improve.  It was foggy and cool and looked like rain.  So, we packed a lunch and some drinks and my son and I and his friend jumped into the car to head for the RBG main centre where the City Parent magazine was hosting Family Day!  They promised lots of fun things to see and do for families!

When we arrived, we realized by the parking lot that this event was well attended and must offer tones for these two boys to see and do.   The boys ran inside.  They were greeted by the City Parent booth and we each received a goodie bag!  It was heavy! – and you know who ended up carrying them!  Inside the boys found tattoos, a skipping rope, Oreo treats, a juice box and chocolate, a Lego magazine, the Tourism Burlington Visitor Guide and much much more!  There was also some great information about music lessons, karate clubs, camps, a Niagara coupon book, Reptile Parties and lots more.  I went through it when we got home.

The boys playing their new instruments
The boys sat and watched the Cheerleading demonstration and then visited each of the booths in the trade show area.  Some of these offered info for moms and dads – education plans and kids camps, but others were very interactive for the kids.  The boys each made a musical instrument from popsicle sticks, straws and elastics.  They held up a styrophome ball with air and they built structure using water and styrophome blocks.  They spent quite a while at the Reptile Party booth, where they petted and learned about snakes, a bearded dragon and other reptiles on hand.  This was their favorite booth.  And yes, I used to be squeamish, but over the past few years I have learned to appreciate these creatures and I can even pet and hold them.  I actually love the snakes, just like my son!  The boys later milked a cardboard cow – but it has rubber utters and actually could be milked!  The boys bounced from one thing to the next.  There was also a teen idol on site who was signing autographs.  The line-up was huge to get a signed autograph photo of the male actor.  Thank goodness my boys are a little too young to be drawn to the line, so we kept going.

The boys enjoying the gardens!
After we had exhausted all of the booths, we expanded our adventure to the RBG sights and gardens.  We visited the Mediterranean garden to search for lizards – that are working hard to keep the garden in balance.  We visited the new atrium room, which lead us out to the tunnel and to Hendrie Park Gardens.  Since it was not raining, we hiked the trails, we picnicked outdoors and found treasure after treasure.  We found the garden clock and took note of the time.  We found the secret gnome and won a prize; musical instruments made from natural items, and found the earth art structures in the imagination gardens.  We built a habitat, and even played checkers and tick tic toe! We explored the Veggie Village and found a head-stone monument of a race horse.   

There is so much to SEE & DO at RBG.  The Family Day event was fun, but truly we found most of our happiness outdoors.  All the way home, the boys giggled and played and talked about our adventures!


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