Spring in Burlington Ontario

Spring in Burlington Ontario
Discover Burlington this Spring

Friday, October 15, 2010

What a busy week at the Visitor Information Centre!

The sun was shining (most of the week) and we’ve had visitors from all over the globe; Australia, U.K, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, the U.S., Holland and Ireland.   John and Sheila (yes, really!) from Australia – here to visit their daughter who married a Canadian.  Volunteer Jim was able to help them out with not only what to see locally, but with their travel plans to Ottawa.  They left armed with information and couldn’t believe how friendly everyone was here.   Jim even gave his phone number if they became lost – hmmm….

There was Gleny and Philip from Lancashire, U.K.  It was their second visit here.  “We love Burlington, just beautiful, the lake, the walks, the stores” and again “everyone is so friendly”.   Way to go Burlington!   They were looking for what to do and see, so considering the lovely weather, suggested the Walking Tour of Heritage of downtown Burlington (brochures in the Centre)…, enjoy  the waterfront trail along the lake, visit the Chris Bacon exhibition at the Burlington Art Centre (fantastic paintings of wildlife),  and whilst there drop  into the Art Etc. gift shop,  and visit  Joseph Brant Museum and discover the history of Burlington .
Oh, what is that delicious smelling aroma waffling over this way?    Smells like chocolate and bread…..?  Well, Pane Fresco is right here, everything baked fresh each and every day, breads, soups, sandwiches, pizzas and so much more.

A couple from Brazil wanted to see the trees changing – what better way than to enjoy  the Halton Conservation Parks – they were excited to learn they could take the chairlift up the ‘mountain’ at Kelso to enjoy the splendor of the leaves (Oct 9-11/Oct 16-17).

And then there was dear Rosie, who has lived here for “Going on 50 years, dear”, and never been to the Information Centre.  “I didn’t realize you had all this information for local residents too”.  Yup, not much we don’t have – you need ideas on what to do with the grandkids this weekend or those relatives coming to stay, or just looking for information for yourselves on different ideas on what to see and do in Burlington, the surrounding area and Ontario – come visit us.  Our Information Centre is open 7 days a week from 9am-4pm - come and meet our friendly volunteer travel counsellors and weekend staff – we’d love to help you!

For more information on family adventures, great hotel deals and getaway packages and local festivals and events visit Tourism Burlington.com.

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