Spring in Burlington Ontario

Spring in Burlington Ontario
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Busy Art Centre

Wearable Art Sale
It has been a busy month at the Burlington Art Centre, with many events happening.  On the 13th the second Wearable Art Sale was held with absolutely beautiful jewellery, scarves, clothes and accessories made by local artists.  They were demonstrating various techniques and we found it quite fascinating the amount of creativity and time that went into each item.  On the 17th Shopapoolza was held which was a perfect event to shop for gifts and try various foods from participating downtown restaurants (Water St. Cooker, Pepperwoods, La Costa, Siam Dish, Kindfood, Pearl St. Café etc.)  I loved the red pepper soup from Water St., the Shrimp from La Costa and the apple cake from Pearl St.  There was quite a gang us of who attended and many had treasures to take home. 

If you missed these two terrific events, there is still time to take in the Soup Bowl Event and Christmas Sale this weekend.  The Soup Bowl event is one of my favorites.  For your admission you get your choice of home made soup by local restaurants, bread, salad, ice cream and coffee/tea, PLUS you get to take home the hand made bowl.  I have a variety of bowls now from attending this event over the years and have made it an annual part of my Christmas.  There are still tickets left for some of the sittings, you do need to book ahead.  After your meal you can then check out the Christmas Sale.  The guilds of Arts Burlington come together to sell beautiful hand-crafted art and fine craft—think Christmas gifts for friends, family and colleagues! Admission to the sale is free and it runs Thursday at lunch and then Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Check out thebac.ca for specific times.  We are going to the Thursday lunch sitting so I will fill you in on the best soups, and the best finds at the sale.

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