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Spring in Burlington Ontario
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Monday, November 8, 2010

War of 1812-14 Bicentennial Commemoration in Burlington

The Bicentennial Commemoration of this significant event is coming up in 2012-2014 and Burlington is taking part. No, there were no real battles here in this area, and Burlington does not have an historic fort, but we do have a lot of history in and around this era. There are lots of stories, ancestry and many historical attractions that tie us to this event.

Last week, Burlington hosted the 2nd meeting of a War of 1812-14 Bi-Centennial Commemoration. Tourism Burlington is calling these meetings in order to brainstorm and collect information about events and programs that organizations and attractions are planning for the commemoration, and to see if groups can work together to leverage marketing and awareness of these events and programs. A number of event planners, historians, museum curators, city representatives, library representatives and authors attended. A special guest also was in attendance: Author, James E. Elliott, (Author of Strange Fatality) not only attended our meeting but gave us a little back ground about the War, the Stoney Creek battle and Burlington’s role in this war. Mr. Elliott said: “There is a significance and a reason to know what happened at the War of 1812”.

Tourism Burlington would like to know if, and what you and your organization or business is doing to commemorate this event. If you would like to attend the future meeting, you are more that welcome. Tourism Staff are also willing to come to your organizations meeting and make a presentation and give examples of what other groups are doing.

For more information about Burlington’s involvement in this Commemoration, please contact our Marketing Department or refer to the expanding information on our War of 1812-14 Bi-Centennial Commemoration page on our website.

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